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Serene Yang

My amazing experience in America

Hello everyone! My name is Serene Yang, a college student from Fudan University, Shanghai, China. During the last four weeks, here in America, I have met some amazing people, participated in very meaningful work...

Jenna Song

A Fantastic Trip in America

My name is Jenna. I come from China and now study in Fudan University. I am really happy to be an international volunteer in Asperger Works in Lawrence. Asperger Works is a non-profit organization...

Camryn Cote

Making a Difference

I’m Camryn, and I’m a Psychology major at Middlesex Community College. I hope to eventually become a clinical psychologist so that I can improve the lives of those with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities...

Mario Marquez

Living with Autism

My name is Mario Marquez and I’m 30 years old. I have autism and I never knew I would be diagnosed at a later age in my life. Growing up was difficult for me...

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