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David Hogg

My Volunteer Experience

My name is David and I’m a college student from Liverpool, England. As part of my degree I was given the opportunity to work for Asperger Works as a volunteer for a month, something...

Sahar Alhamdan, Intern

Sahar Alhamdan

Sahar Alhamdan from Saudi Arabia graduated from UMass Lowell in December 2016. She was our first Intern. Her goal is to establish an organization that will help educate people about the need for proper...

Pick Me to Volunteer! Six arms reaching for the sky with various colors reflected on them and the words "Pick Me" in pink to the left

Welcome Volunteers!

I am Lisa, the Volunteer Coordinator for Asperger Works Inc. I started at AWorks as a founding Board member but decided that my talents lay with working with people directly. It is for this reason...


How Can You Help?

There are so many things that you can do to help! Join us in parades and community events. Or help us in preparing for our annual fundraising dinner.

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